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Professional florist advice on choosing a bouquet for discharge from the hospital

Probably one of the most significant events in the life of every woman is the day she becomes a mother. And when a new life arises nearby, loved ones come to congratulate their parents. But what to choose for a gift and can you do without flowers?

Professional florist advice on choosing a bouquet for discharge from the hospital

Of course, a bouquet is needed for such an important event as discharge from the hospital. Since such a day can be one or more times in a lifetime. It is equally important to choose the right bouquet.

Rules for choosing a bouquet for a mother with a newborn baby

The choice depends not only on who will give flowers, but it is also important to take into account general recommendations, for example:

  • the composition should not be very large and heavy;
  • flowers should be such that they are comfortable to hold in hand (if these are flowers in a hat box, it is important that they are as compact and not bulky as possible);
  • the bouquet can be supplemented with some kind of small toy for the baby, because this is his day too;
  • the team of medical workers should also be thanked with flowers, if there are a lot of them it is appropriate to take a basket, which will be a common present;
  • the shade of flowers for the mother is chosen depending on the gender of the child (for a boy - with a blue tint (great: irises, lisianthuses, for a girl - pastel or pink (gerberas, roses));
  • the husband can give his wife both bright red and more pastel flowers, as a sign of tenderness and gratitude;
  • the smell of flowers should be pleasant and not strong. After all, pollen can harm the baby, cause allergies or feel unwell. So it is better to avoid lilies, lilacs, hyacinths, geraniums, peonies, chamomiles, tulips, eucalyptus;
  • the taboo also applies to exotic plants or those that have been artificially colored;
  • dried flowers are also not desirable in such a bouquet, since they are rather difficult to clean from dust;
  • a minimum of decor and bright colors, both among plants and a spray with glitters, and in the packaging itself (it is best to choose felt, matte film, organza).

Often they are not allowed to bring flowers to the ward itself, so it is best to clarify this point before buying them or purchasing a bouquet for discharge from the hospital.

How many flowers should there be in a bouquet for discharge from the hospital?

Of course, there is no strict rule that such a bouquet can be taken, but not another. Most often, compositions of at least three colors and ad infinitum are chosen. Only, of course, their total number must be odd. If there is a desire to give a huge bunch of roses, then it is better to do this: take a small neat bouquet for discharge, and put a large and cumbersome vase in a vase at home. It will be easier for a mother who has recently undergone a heavy load and is still recovering.

Why is it important to give flowers for discharge

The birth of a child is a real miracle, and at this moment the mother feels like a heroine who went to such a serious feat in order to give life to a new person. Therefore, it is important for her to receive signs of support from loved ones, and signs of attention and gratitude from her husband.

Although there are women in labor who are afraid of allergies in the baby, and try to protect him from close contact with irritants. Therefore, they are asked not to bring flowers for discharge from the hospital. It is better to find out in advance how the newly-made mother relates to this.

What plants to give for discharge

Among the most popular and safest colors, you can choose:

  • chamomile;
  • gerberas;
  • carnations;
  • irises;
  • eustoma;
  • chrysanthemums;
  • violets;
  • statice;
  • gladioli;
  • chicory;
  • bells.

It is best to opt for light shades or even white, or choose the shade that mom loves most.

Also, the bouquet can always be supplemented with a soft toy or other trifle for a child. Florists can wrap the composition in paper with cartoon characters or add a beautiful decoration in the form of butterflies or other figurines to it.

In addition, you can always choose edible bouquets with various fruits and vegetables. Of course, not everything is worth eating for a nursing mother, but you can always find the right option for everyone.

Flowers are a sign of attention, gratitude, support. That is why it is so important that they are not only fresh, but also beautiful and stylish. After all, even a woman who has just been discharged from the hospital remains fragile, weak and requires tenderness and care. And to choose the perfect bouquet, you can always consult with the florists of the Tea Rose flower shop at any time of the day, 7 days a week. Also, in order not to waste time on the trip yourself and choosing flowers, you can always order the composition online in advance, pay for it in a convenient way (cash upon receipt, by card on the website) and just wait for the courier.